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I come from a rich and varied experiential background: 

I pursued my undergraduate education at Brigham Young University, where I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1996.  I earned my Master of Arts in Psychology at Duquesne University in 1997, and continued my graduate school journey at Seattle University, where I obtained my School Psychologist Educational Specialist Degree in 2001.

I furthered my education and returned to graduate school at Benedictine University, where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership in 2009.

As a former residential facility intake person working with troubled youth, I practiced the art of looking past one’s imperfections to see the dignified person in all of us.

In my nine year career as a school psychologist, I have continued to experience the joy of working with students, parents, and staff to find meaningful ways to improve learning.  Just as important and rewarding, I value conflict and disagreement as healthy ways to find mutually beneficial outcomes.  

I carried this desire and experience during my six years as a special education administrator, where I had the distinct opportunity to focus on formal and informal conflict resolution, building relationships with parents and staff working through complex cases, and honing negotiation skills.

I look forward to working with you!


It's time to be an equal team member in your school

Having worked as a district-level special education administrator for six years, I know how to help you navigate the IEP process:

Accounting for student learning –
A solid IEP should show clear connections between its various parts. Measurable goals are just the beginning…

Placement –
Your child’s IEP should clearly connect needed services with proposed placement. The least restrictive environment should be reasonably calculated to reflect the maximum extent to which your child can participate in the general education setting. This means that all students need individualized settings that meet their needs: these settings are not the same for every child!

Supplementary aids and services –
Special considerations, accommodations, and modifications should be individualized and specific by maximizing your child’s access to his/her education and minimizing the impact of the identified disability. School teams should be able to report on the effectiveness of their interventions.

Communication –
As an administrator, I helped our hard-working staff to connect our school efforts with the tireless work that parents/guardians do at home. Many conflicts between schools and parents can be addressed through clear, effective, mutually agreed-upon methods and communication. In order to help you play a more active, effective role as a parent, I can help you understand your parental rights. More important, I can help you understand how to better connect with your school team so that you can build or improve upon your long-term working relationship.

Process –
Sometimes it seems as if school teams move at a “glacial” pace. I can help you navigate the IEP process so that important decisions can be made in a manner that balances timeliness with care.


  • Face-to-face and/or phone consultation regarding your child’s IEP
  • Attendance at your child’s IEP meeting(s) as needed
  • Consultation and communication with your child’s IEP team at your discretion


Accurate data leads to measurable achievement

As a veteran practicing school psychologist for over nine years, I can provide comprehensive academic testing for your child.

I focus on individualized assessment, not just giving a “standard battery” of tests. Just as important, because I have experience working with teams in the public school setting, I can write a comprehensive report for your child that summarizes specific and realistic recommendations for school teams to consider. I write reports and recommendations that are understandable, practical, and relevant to schools. When applicable, I can work with your other clinical or school specialists by integrating my academic findings with any other assessments that you have received.

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