Court divorces can last months, even years.  Mediation takes far less time.


For some, the prospect of separation and divorce may seem painful and difficult, especially when communicating directly with the other person.  Mediation offers a safe place to collaboratively work with your partner to come to an agreement.


Litigated divorce expenses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.  Mediation offers a better outcome at a far less expensive price.

Yes, it's possible to work through this together!

Divorce Mediation

I am certified as mediator, including additional certification as a family and divorce mediator. My unique background in psychology has shaped my facilitative approach to mediation. Employing therapeutic listening skills coupled with optimism, honesty, integrity, and at times, even humor, I will help you navigate the dispute or disagreement.

What makes me different from other mediators:

  • Extensive background and education in psychology – you can trust that I will understand the depth of your concerns
  • Experience working with families – in my work as both a school psychologist and administrator, I have years of experience helping families and couples navigate the challenges and difficulties of life
  • Conflict resolution experience – I am not afraid to help you navigate the most difficult situations imaginable

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